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"Faust" Great Grand Daughter of Anna Zborowska (The Modigliani Women) 18 x 24

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Edges: Black 

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"Faust" the great, great grandaughter of
Anna Zborowska
Born in a small town outside of Torino Italy. 
Poooooor, like dirt poor, she was forced to beg for meals and was constantly being compared to her great great grandmother who was a "model" for Amedeo Modigliani back in the day.
"Such a BEEEEAUTIFUL face, you look so much like your Nona," they would say as they handed her their leftovers. 
Then one day an American came to town. "Put your hand down kid, I'm gonna put you on the cover of magazines!"
Cosmo, Bazar, the runway in Milan. 
She could finally stop begging for food. 
Yet wouldn't be allowed to eat. 
So she vowed to one day eat all she wanted, hold her head up high and start an 
ALL INCLUSIVE modeling agency. 
Thin, fat and in between everyone was welcome. The catch, all models were required to give 2% of their earnings to their town's local food bank, so that no child would have to ever beg again. 
Today, between taking phone calls from clients wanting to hire her models and spreading the importance of self image
.....she can often be heard telling the food vendors
"Two please", followed by, "Here you go honey....."