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"Aleksandra" Great Great Niece of Anna Zborowska 20 x 24

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Edges: Black

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Great Great Niece of Ann Zborowskt
Born in Kracow, Poland.
As a child while hiding in the attic, she discovered the camera of her
great great aunt Anna Zborowskt.
It was love at first click.
She had what they called "the eye".
Her shots where intensely detailed, emotional and packed a punch.
Dispite all this, she struggled to find meaningful work in such a male dominated field and was constantly told,
"You have such a good eye. Why don't you stick to FAMILY portraits, it's much safer."
It was then that she decided she would take all the least desirable assignments, in the most remote and dangerous places.
And she would show them exactly what a good eye she had.
And she took family portraits...
A family, standing in what was left of their
home after rebels burnt it to the ground.
Siblings, exhausted after digging through the rubble looking for parents they would never find.
A father and son praying as a mother receive medical care after being hit by a stray bullet.
Tonight while holding a selfie stick, in very remote and dangerous place in the jungle (yet somehow there's cell reception, cause dah!), she will facetime with
Christiane Amanpour.
The conversation will begin with that famous voice saying,
"First, I want to begin by saying, I love your family portraits, you have an great eye....."