Call Me Gabby....

My name is Mariagabriela Fritz-Yates, but you can call me Gabby, and I am a painter. Most of my paintings are ethereal compositions of strong women. I like to challenge the viewers preconception of how things should look by exaggerating the limbs, facial features and creating tension in the eyes. I also enjoy using bold colors, textures and occasionally fun stories to go along with the subjects I'm painting. My hope is to evoke feelings of strength, vulnerability, compassion and endurance.   

All too familiar with the challenges faced by women in everyday life, all my “Ladies” begin with a name and end with a story that emerges on the canvas. I hope to convey some of those stories and inspire other women to buck the norms, make bold choices and be proud of who they are. Always. Period. Exclamation Point!

Born in Brooklyn, I’m 1st generation American of two immigrants from Chile. A sculptor father and creative mother, they fostered my love of art at a young age. Destined for a career in the arts, I was sidetracked by finances, adolescent rebellion and a stint in the U.S. Navy as a corpsmen...wait, what? Yep.!

Landing in the South, I met my husband of 19 years in Charlotte and moved to North Georgia where we are raising our two children. Now, as my kids have grown more independent, I’ve returned to my passion of creating art. Self-taught, motivated and full of chutzpah, I paint in acrylic, oil, and use charcoal and gold leaf to create depth and drama.